How To Close Your 24Option Account

24optionIt doesn’t matter whether you are new entrant to the trading game or whether you are a professional and have been doing this for years. The 24option broker has accounts that have been customized to the needs of different traders with different preferences.

Because 24option is so popular, many traders are looking to close their accounts for various reasons. In this guide I will show you exactly how you should close your 24options trading account.

Closing Your Account at 24Option

There will come a time in every trader’s life when they need to hang up their holster and close their account. As much as you love the broker you work with, other factors may come into play that require you to stop trading and close your account.

All you need to do to close your 24option trading account is to send an email to your personal account manager. They will handle the rest of it for you, and will make your exit a smooth transition.

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There are 5 great account types available with this broker – Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. All of them are very comprehensive and can reward a wise, skilled trader with good profits over time.

There are many features offered to the accounts on 24options universally, regardless of the type of account or the deposit made. These include binary options trading, customer service that stays around the clock, and a professionally certified charting system that allows a trader to closely observe and track the progress of their assets as they move from start to finish. Each account level has new feature levels as well for traders to enjoy.

The Standard Account

The best part about 24option is that they have a very low deposit amount minimum to open an account with them. A standard account can be opened with a deposit of 250 in the currency of your choice. The minimum allowed amount for a trade to be carried out is $24. These costs are the lowest out there in the broker world, making 24option attractive for people who are working on a budget or who don’t have the need to make larger investments with more risk.

The standard account is great for beginners and new entrants into the art of trading options. There is a return to trader of 83% which is one of the highest, and allows for better profits to be made when trading with this platform. Sometimes traders get tempted to switch to a better trading account. This is possible without the need for undue stress. The upgrade process is quick and easy. Alternatively, traders may want to close their account for one reason or another. This is easy to do too.

The Silver Account

This is the second level of trading account that is allowed at 24option. It is made for the mid-level investors on the site. The minimum deposit needed to open an account that is of the Silver level is $2000 or 2000 in the selected currency. The minimum needed to make a trade on this level remains the same, at $24. The first withdrawal from the account is made free of charge thanks to one of the many perks of a high level account. Traders also get access to a personal trainer with one session, free notifications, access to the comprehensive Trading Central platform, and up to a 83% return on the initial investment for traders.

The Gold Account

This is a big step up from the previous two accounts. An initial deposit of at least $25,000 is needed to start trading with this level of account. The minimum investment amount for a trade is $48, which is double that of the smaller accounts. Withdrawals are free, with a monthly charge instead of being charged per withdrawal. The return to a trader is about 85% of the initial investment. It has all of the features of the other accounts as well as an actual coach to assist you in your trades every day and give you the advice that you need to make the right buying decisions.

Platinum Account

This account requires a minimum initial deposit of $50,000 and is meant for the high rollers out there. The minimum trade investment amount is $120 per trade. It is a very powerful account indeed. No money is charged for the withdrawals you make, at all, and there is an 87% return to the trader for investments made. There are 5 messages allowed every day, and there is the option to conduct trades live with the experts. You gain access to a host of resources such as a session with a trading expert, a website for research and special forex services too.