How Successful People Manage Personal Finances

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yanita asked 6 months ago

Humans are basically the same. All have the same blood, bones and skin. But, why anyone can be a successful person. While there are also people who always feel difficulties throughout their lives.
Indeed, the difference is the ability to manage various things in his life, including managing personal finances. Successful people can always do well. As a result they can arrange life in accordance with what they desire.
To manage personal finances is actually not complicated. There are several principles that can be used as a guide when managing personal finances. These principles are often referred to as Golden Rules because they can be applied by anyone and at any time.
All of that is also not just empty papesan. Successful people like Jack Ma, Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim have proven it themselves. By practicing how to manage personal finances in a disciplined and watch badminton final live consistent manner, they can become successful people in their lives.
A crucial factor in managing personal finances is the ability to hold back so that you can use money below the amount you have.
This is not easy because wants and needs are the opposite. Desires are never ending, while needs must be met.
Often the failure of people in managing personal finances is because they prioritize wants rather than needs. As a result, the money used can be greater than owned. Famous investors from the United States, Warren Buffett, have practiced it.
The third richest man in the world in 2015 according to Forbes even has a habit of pressing strict expenses. He said, “Do not save as much as the money left after it is used. Use the money available after saving. “
To do this, Buffett always keeps his lifestyle down to earth. Although a millionaire, Buffett still lives modestly. One example he chose to continue to live in a modest house that he bought in 1958.
With the movement of property prices up to now, the house is worth 31,500 US dollars (around Rp412.3 million). In fact, with the estimated value of Forbes reaching 66.4 billion US dollars, Buffett should be easy to buy a new home.
According to Buffett, anyone can manage personal finances like himself. Saving is called a habit that must be had. “I think the biggest mistake most people make is not learning to save well from an early age, because it’s a habit,” Buffett said.
So what are you waiting for? Immediately press the expenditure as small as possible. Spend the money according to what’s left after saving, for the sake of a better life.