How to Overcome Wasteful?

zidora asked 6 months ago

For millennials, today’s lifestyle often requires them to be more consumptive. In fact, if we raise our lifestyles, we cannot achieve the desired financial goals. Then, how can we avoid wasteful? Just before the Lebaran holiday yesterday, a prospective client told me how happy he was to get a THR for the first time.
Prospective clients, you name it Hani, began to buy all the necessities to welcome Lebaran. Ranging from clothes, pants and shoes that have been dreamed of since the goods are displayed in stores. When approaching Lebaran Day, Hani’s mother asked to buy ingredients to make Opor, rendang, ketupat and Lebaran special food.
Hani agreed and she immediately bought what her mother needed. Not to forget, Hani set aside her THR money for zakat fitrah. Lebaran Day arrived, relatives Hani came to the house of the prospective client. Hani did not forget to give her THR to be distributed to her nieces who had finished fasting. After Lebaran celebration, Hani cinta intends to see his savings.
He was shocked when he saw that his savings balance had returned to fitri or we just call it the balance was not like when he received a THR where when he got the THR can be displayed 8 digit numbers to only posted 5 to 6 digits only. Hani was shocked by something like that, and she also asked whether it was wasteful at Eid was reasonable? Certainly not natural, in any month, wasteful is not natural.
To these prospective clients, I give the same tips on how to deal with wasteful which should be avoided by all of us. Let’s look at the following tips. Free Ebook Download Importance of Managing Personal and Business Finances