Bitcoin Binary Options Brokers

bitcoin binary optionsBitcoin is a type of virtual currency use in exchanging products online. Bitcoin trading offers lots of benefits for traders. One benefit is that Bitcoin charges low transaction fees. Many traders prefer to use Bitcoin in their trading activities as they want to earn more Bitcoins. The value of the Bitcoin will depend on the supply/demand in the market. Not many binary options brokers accept Bitcoin as payment method. The following is a list of the 7 best Bitcoin Binary Options Brokers.

Binary Options Brokers That Accept Bitcoin

  1. Satoshi Option

Satoshi Option is a new binary options broker founded in 2013. They are the first broker to allow traders to trade on binary options with Bitcoins. To place a trade, you must send the designated amount of Bitcoins to the listed address. The trade you place will automatically be executed without requiring you to make any confirmation. Satoshi Options offers 9 types of binary options contracts. They offer 5 forex pairs, 3 commodities and 1 indices.

  1. ActionCrypto

ActionCrypto allows traders to use Bitcoins to buy and sell binary options contracts. The trader will be rewarded with their initial investment and payout if they correctly predict the price movement of the options. ActionCrypto offers a trading platform that is specifically designed for Bitcoin binary options trading. Traders can only trade Bitcoin contract on the platform. If the trader wins the trade, they will be rewarded with the payout in BTC. ActionCrypto serves as the sole market maker. They do not store any information of the client so they are more secure compared to other binary options brokers.

  1. BTC Oracle

BTC Oracle allows traders to trade binary options with expiry timeframe that range from 15 minutes to 7 days. Traders can conveniently check the starting and target price of the options on the site’s front page. The minimum accepted option at BTC is 0.01 BTC while the maximum accepted option is 1 BTC. You win when your option rise higher by 1 satoshi or after a period of 3 hours. Similarly, you lose if the price is lowered by 1 satoshi or after a period of 3 hours.

  1. Beast Options

Beast Options accepts Bitcoins as a deposit and withdrawal method. They offer Tradologic platform and give traders more than 150 assets to choose from. The value of your Bitcoin depends on the exchange rate of the payment processors. Using Bitcoins to deposit your Beach Options account will take only 30 minutes. Beast Options provides many types of trading features such as digital range and turbo. They offer great trading tools and free demo account that is valid for3 days. Beach Options does not charge any fee when you place a trade with them.

  1. Bit Plutos

Bit Plutos enables you to invest your Bitcoins in more than 200 assets and earn a profit of up to 85% per option in payout. Traders who don’t have Bitcoins can purchase them from the broker. You can buy the Bitcoins via bank wire, Skrill or Neteller. They offer bonuses when you purchase Bitcoins with them. If you win the binary options trade, you will get to transfer the Bitcoins to your Bitcoins wallet. Alternatively, you can transfer the Bitcoins into your local currency to a bank account or Neteller/Skrill.

  1. BTC Levels

BTC level was established primarily for the bitcoin market to encourage traders to trade on Bitcoins. The platform only support the BTC/USD currency pair because it is designed to run exclusively on bitcoins. Traders can trade according to the fluctuation of low and high rate Bitcoins. Advanced traders should have no problem in trading at BTC levels. The Rules page contains complete step by step instructions that will help you to get familiar with the interface of the trading platform. You can start trading without registering for an account but those who register for a new account will be able to enjoy better trading features.

  1. SecondsTrade

SecondsTrade is one of the places where bitcoin investors can go to invest their bitcoins and take advantage of the financial opportunities. Seconds Trade is quite new in the market as it was only launched on October of 2014. SecondsTrade provides about 16 assets for traders. Some of the different currency pairs it supports are BTC/USD, LTC/BTC, USD/CHF, and GBP/USD. Traders can trade in anonymity as the broker does not require the trader to register for an account. Anyone equipped with a Bitcoin wallet can take part in the bitcoin options trading by following up on the movement of the market for the asset they are trading. Some of the bitcoins wallet approved by SecondsTrade are Armory, multibit and Electrum.


In conclusion, brokers that accept bitcoins for deposit is a great option for people who don’t have real money to trade. Most brokers give you the   option of withdrawing the bitcoins into your bank account or Bitcoin wallet.