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OptionFair is one of the most comprehensive binary options brokers, providing traders both pros and new investors with a revolutionary platform that is easy to use, fast, and of course fun. The goals of the broker is to give traders to maximize their profit possibilities, choose one or both sides of one option without commissions, fees, or spreads and the ability to close out trades before the expiry which will limit their risk or to secure their profit, and above all else an easy to use and user friendly platform that makes it easy to trade in a security and safe manner.

The binary options trading interface is one of a kind created to provide traders with a large array of financial assets and instruments with advanced pricing algorithms.


In order to register on OptionFair there is no requirement for a deposit; however, to begin trading on OptionFair you will need to make a minimum deposit of 250 EUR, GBP, USD or equivalent according to your local currency. Other currencies accepted include RUB and HUF. The broker does have limits on the amount you can deposit daily, weekly, and monthly. The daily limit is $30,000, the weekly limit is $80,000, and the monthly limit is 150,000 EUR, USD, GBP or equivalent according to your local currency.

Once a deposit is made, you can start trading without any wait time.

Methods for Deposits

OptionFair has several different options when it comes to depositing funds unlike other brokers. The methods include credit card, bank wire, wire transfer, Western Union, Electronic Wallet, and moneygram.


OptionFair does not have a minimum amount that can be withdrawn; however, only one withdrawal per month is allowed without commission fees. After the first withdrawal all other withdrawals within the same month will be charged a fee of 30 BGP, EUR, USD or equivalent according to your local currency.

For traders with a verified account the withdrawal process normally takes around 5 business days after the request is made. All non-verified accounts will be processed within 5 business days after OptionFair receives the proper verifying documents. Traders are allowed to cancel the withdrawal action easily from their interface and will be cancelled in 14 days after the request has been made with the funds returned to the balance of the customer.


With a minimum deposit of only $250, OptionFair is one of the easiest interfaces for both beginners as well as pros to be able to enjoy trading. The safe and secure broker provides many revolutionary instruments in the industry creating a fast, easy and fun way to trade. Making the most of your time is at the top of list with the goals of OptionFair with returns of close to 89 percent being possible in only sixty seconds of beginning trading.

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