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What is a one touch option

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make a profit when you trade in currencies, gold, oil, stocks and indices on binary options trading is the one touch option. This type of binary option is regarded to be one of the best opportunities in trading to make good money. It can give you returns of up to 500% and you can purchase these one touch options on every day right from Monday to Friday.

What is One Touch Option?

With this One Touch Option, you will be making a prediction that the price of an underlying asset will touch above or fall below the strike price during the expiration period. If the trader forecasts that the asset price will reach the set strike price during the expiration period, then the trader will receive a fixed payout, which would be in the range of 250 to 600%. The trader will receive profits only if his or her prediction comes true.

This type of one touch option trading is beneficial to traders who are very confident about the way the markets and the underlying assets perform. The best part about the one touch option trading is that it gives you high returns if your prediction is right. Here is a list with brokers that offer one touch options:


This type of betting is best suited for traders who have been in the business of trading for a few years and who have great ideas and grasp about the current performance of the market.

How To Do One Touch Option Trading?

The procedure to carry out one touch option binary trading is very simple. This is most beneficial for traders who are looking at greater long term rewards.

You will just need to choose an asset that you think will be hitting the strike price at the expiration time. These options are purchased as units and every unit could cost you $50 to $100. You can purchase them between Monday and Friday for the 50 to 10 price bracket and between $100 and $200 on Saturdays and Sundays.

The trading market is open from Monday to Friday and the price of the underlying asset you have bet on will be verified everyday at 17:00 hours. If the price on any given day matches with the set price during the closing time, you stand to win the bet and your account will be credited with your profit only on Friday, even if your prediction is right on Monday itself.