Skrill Binary Options Brokers

skrill binary brokersSkrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, is one of the most popular electronic wallets, being used by many sites. The company was founded in 2001 and has its headquarters in London, UK. They have more than 700 employees. Skrill is fast, secure (they use the latest security measures) and the fees are lowever than with Paypal. In fact, it is the most popular payment method after Credit Cards, and the most popular digital payment method in the binary options, forex and online gaming industries.

One of the advantages of Skrill is that they offer a Skrill MasterCard, which is a debit card linked directly to your account. You can use the Skrill e-wallet or the Skrill debit card to deposit and withdraw your binary options trading winnings.

About Skrill The Company

Skrill has more than 36 million customers and 160000 merchants. Do you know Moneybookers? Skrill is the rebranded version of Moneybookers. They have changed their name a few years ago because it’s easier to remember and more catchy. Nothing else changed, this ewallet is still awesome and it’s being used by millions of customers worldwide (except US traders – They have Neteller as alternative)

Best Binary Options Brokers That Accept Skrill Deposits


Is Skrill a Safe Payment Method

Skrill is owned by Investcorp Technology Partners, and has been around for years. I use skrill myself since 2007. Skrill is very safe, because it is licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), which is the financial regulatory in the UK.

The company offers two factor authentification in the form of a token. When logging in you enter your email address, password and you get a unique code from your token every time your turn it one. This make is almost impossible for hackers to hack your account, because the token is a phisical device that you’ll keep in your home.

Why should you use Skrill

It will take some time to setup a skrill account, but once done, you will be able to deposit and withdraw funds on binary options brokers instantly and without any fees. The advantages of Skrill are: speed, security, cost and convenience.

Whenever you want to send or receive money, you simply enter your skrill email and password and that’s it. You no longer have to enter and 16 numbers + expiry date + name + CVV codes, as it is the case with credit cards.

Skrill Binary Options Broker Sites Deposits: Very Low or No Fees At All

First you have to open an account with Skrill and verify it (you will get a verification code via email). Your account will be linked to your email address. Basically your email address will be your Skrill account username and you will have a password. This is the only two information needed to deposit and withdraw money.

Once the account is created, you will have to add your bank account and deposit some money. Alternatively you could receive money from friends or family, in this case you don’t have to deposit.

You can withdraw money from your Skrill account to your bank account anytime. It takes 3-5 days for the money to arrive into your account and the fees are very low. Sending money costs 1%, but not more than $10 and receiving money is free. Uploading money to Skrill is also free.

How to Deposit to a Broker with Skrill

To trade binary options using Skrill,just follow these steps:

    1. Pick a broker from the list above and open an account
    2. Log in to your broker account and click on the ‘Deposit’ button.
    3. Select Skrill as payment options and enter the amount you want to deposit.
    4. Enter your skrill username, password and click “deposit” and wait for the success message.

List of Skrill Binary Options Brokers

Since Skrill is the most popular digital wallet in the binary, forex and gaming industry there are many brokers that accept this payment method. Here are a few of them:

24option24Option: 24Option is the #1 most popular binary options broker. They have a great reputation and a stellar customer support.

bancdebinaryBancDeBinary: This broker is a great alternative to 24Option with an unbeatable 91% Payout structure.

stockpairStockpair: Stockpair is one of the very first online binary options brokers. The minimum deposit is only $200 and the payout is 85%.

List of Skrill Binary Brokers that Accept US Traders

There are also some brokers that accept both: Skrill payments and US traders. Take a look at them:

cherrytradeCherrytrade: Cherrytrade is the #1 US welcome binary options broker. The minimum deposit is only $200 with skrill and other payment methods.

porterfinancePorterFinance: PorterFinance is a very unique US binary broker that accept Skrill deposits. The minimum deposit is $200.

Skrill vs. Paypal – Which one is better

Skrill is very similar to Paypal – both are digital wallets, where you upload, withdraw or send money and both are safe, secure and fast. Unfortunately most brokers do not accept Paypal anymore, however there are still a few binary options brokers that accept paypal. One difference between the two are the fees, depending on what fee you are looking at, in some cases Paypal has the lower fees, and other times Skrill does.

Advantages of Skrill over Paypal:

  • Skrill is more secure, because it offers two factor authentication for everybody. On Paypal this feature is not available for customers from Eastern European countries and a few other countries.
  • Skrill offers 40 account currencies and Paypal only 25
  • Debit Cards are available for more countries than on Paypal
  • Skrill offers more currencies for the debit card (EUR, USD, GBP, PLN) than Paypal (EUR, USD)

Where Else Can I Use Skrill?

Binary Options Brokers are not the only ones accepting Skrill. There are over 160.000 businesses worldwide that accept it. If you decide to get the Skrill Debit Card, then you can use it anywhere credit cards are accepted.