Tauribot Review

tauribotTauribot software is up on the charts as one of the current top-performing binary options bots in the market. It is an automated signal provider. It is important to understand this designation, as it is also the difference between the Tauribot App and other auto-trading software.

Being an automated signal provider, Tauribot only provides you with the signals or opportunities. It does not take action on your behalf. This is very unlike the other automated trading systems that find the signals, then automatically place the trades adapted to these signals on your behalf.

Tauribot’s approach is more user-centric, in the sense that it offers you more control over the trading decision. Furthermore, Tauribot not only identifies opportunities, it also identifies trades that are very likely to result in a loss, thus protecting your capital.

Chicago University sponsors the Tauribot App. Therefore, while a win rate of 100% is off the table (not just for Tauribot but also for all auto-trading software and signal providers), the app offers you a high win rate to guarantee consistent profits.


Free to Use

Tauribot App is completely free to use. It incurs no cost. In addition, there are no hidden fees, charges, or commissions when using the system. Therefore, barrier of entry is practically inexistent.

You only have to meet the condition of depositing in a preferred supported broker, which you would do anyway if you are serious about trading binary options for profit.


Getting started with and using the app are incredibly user-friendly. The entire setup is intuitive and you can easily get by without any need for prior skills.

To use the software, you simply have to check out the collection of signals provided at any time. Then use any signal of your choosing to place a trader on your preferred broker.

Identify Opportunities

Tauribot scours the expansive financial markets, through the various asset classes and assets, in search of high-probably win opportunities. When it identifies such opportunities, it immediately sends you an alert, which you can examine. It is then your decision to make if you want to place a trade using the signal you received an alert for, or if you would pass it up to wait for a signal with a higher probability of success.

Offer Extensive Control

Tauribot is unique in this aspect in that identifies signals or opportunities and makes them available to you. This is very unlike other auto-trading software that keep you in the dark of all the signals they identify.

This way, you have much more control over the trades you place and the resultant win rate you get from using the bot. Going forward, the fact that the app also provides you with insight into possible ‘bad’ trades also protects your capital from those occasional shocks that dampen the resolve of traders in binary options.

It is as though the Tauribot both guides you and watches your back.


To register with Tauribot App, all you have to do is follow three easy steps:

  1. Go to the official Tauribot website
  2. On the site, go to the registration form and input requested details
  3. Choose a broker and deposit any amount (above the minimum deposit amount)

After completing these steps, you are ready and free to start making trades with the signals you receive.


  1. Tauribot Trading System is completely free to use
  2. Takes out the human error associated with finding opportunities manually
  3. You do not have to download any file in order to use Tauribot. It is decentralized. Therefore, you can access the app from any internet-enabled device at anywhere on the planet.
  4. Thus, you can readily access and use the software on the go with your smart mobile devices
  5. Its interface is easy to use and user-friendly
  6. Identifies signals or opportunities amongst a wide range of assets sprawled in different asset categories and markets
  7. Regular updates offer new, improved, and better tools and features to increase the accuracy of the app and resultant win rate