Perfect Signals Review

perfect signals reviewPerfect Signals is a completely web based trading signal software created by a group of professional binary traders. The software will do its best in generating the most accurate trading signals. The Perfect Signals automated trading software only support top notch binary options brokers in the industry.

Because it is a web based system, you can access it from your web browser within a few minutes as long as there is an internet connection. You can access the Perfect Signals trading system at anytime no matter where you are.

Features of Perfect Signals Software

You can customize the system by choosing the trade type. The trading system is transparent about revealing the cost of placing a trade. It will display how many steps are left for you to complete before the trade is executed on the platform.

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The trading system features a simple user interface and can be downloaded by traders around the world. The trading system is constantly updated with the latest trade rates in the market. If there is any changes in the market, it will automatically be reflected in the system so that you don’t have to check it yourself.

Trading Signals Idea Generator

The Perfect Signals system offers two important features including the trading signals idea generator and the Perfect Trading Bot. The trading signals idea generator features a countdown timer which calculate how much time is left for you to use the signal.

The countdown timer lets you know the freshness of the binary options trading signal. The trading software offers a feature that allows you to set the default trade size. The minimum trade size for each trade is $25 on the trading software so it can be inconvenient when you choose to trade with a broker that offers a minimum trade size of $5. One way to turn around this is to place the trade with the broker’s platform instead of placing it via the Perfect Signals platform.

Perfect Trading Bot

Another feature is the Perfect Trading Bot, of which its function is to automate the entire trading process on your behalf. The robot will place the trade on your behalf based on the signals it has generated. The robot does not include stop loss feature to allow you to close the trade early in case the signal it generated is not profitable.

It is free to download the Perfect Signals binary trading signals robot but there is an initial deposit you need to make if you want to trade. You can make an initial deposit by pressing on the Deposit Funds button located on the left side of your trading account.

How Much Profits Can You Make?

The amount of profits you can earn from using the Perfect Signals trading system will depend on your investment level. Those who invest more money can expect to earn more but it is advised that you only place 2 – 3 trades per day. Doing so can increase the quality of your trading signals and improve your chances of winning.

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People get poor quality trading signals when they place about 5 – 20 trades. The amount of investment you should make in each trade should depend on your capital. It is advised that you don’t invest more than what you can afford so that you won’t get bankrupt.

How to Place a Trade in Perfect Signals System?

To start trading with Perfect Signals system, you simply select from one of the signals put forward to you. Next, you must enter the amount you want to invest and press the Buy button to place the trade. The chosen signal will appear under the open positions label, which means that it is now being used on the trades you have opened. You can monitor the status of your trade from here and see if you win or lose.

You can view the history of the trades you have placed by going to the trade history section. Various types of withdrawal methods are supported by the brokers on Perfect System. Typically, it will take 1 – 2 days for your withdrawal request to be submitted.


In conclusion, Perfect Signals is a real time binary options trading robot that can effectively analyze the market on your behalf. The software supports a number of brokers depending on the country where you are residing. They provide 24/7 support so you can talk to their customer support whenever you face an issue with the trading system.