Crazy ATM Software Scam

scam or legitCrazy ATM Software has been discovered by many expert binary options traders to be a scam software. One giveaway that Crazy ATM is a scam is that every single bit of information in the software is presented unprofessionally.

For example, there are lots of spelling errors in the software and its manual. They did released a video to explain about how the Crazy ATM system work.

According to the video representation, the software monitor economic news for 24/7 and is equipped with an algorithm that can adapt to all kinds of financial situations. The video presentation apparently was done by someone called Gordon SEO.

Crazy ATM App Video Provides is a Scam

On opening the page of the Crazy ATM App, it automatically plays an audio recording that lasts for 2 minutes. This recording is believed to be the voice over of a person who addresses himself as Michael. There is no information as to who Michael is and where he comes from.

If you pay attention to the video, you will notice that one of the positions showed on the page only have 1 second expiry. It is a lie that they can generate successful trades in 1 second as there is no such technology yet. This is proof that the developer does not have any experience in trading binary options.

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Another area that identify the app as scam is the presence of so many grammatical errors on the page. The developer of Crazy ATM software did not know that a single grammar error can make a difference of the trader generating a profit and losing money from the trade.

Once the first video has finished played, there will be another video along with a female trader which has apparently lose in the trade using the software. She did not give any information on the position of the trade including call/put and asset price. It seemed that the software developer is unprofessional in trying to con newbies who are not familiar with the basics of binary options trading. The scroll bar located on top publishes outdated information.

Besides, the site also constantly rotate a small selection of the members’ names and countries of origins. This is a sign that the Crazy ATM software does not have many members yet. It is most likely that these members are

Fake Information on the System

This software is recently created so there aren’t enough authentic information about the system. It is believed that the developer paid people to write positive reviews on the Crazy ATM software that lie to people that they can generate profits with the software. There is no way to prove that the reviews are genuine and written by real traders. It seemed that the videos pop ups on the site are not done by a real trader but by someone who has been paid to be a part of this scam.

The site claims to be achieving a successful trade percentage for the binary options trading. The site claims that the those who sign up for the beta will achieve a success rate that is as high as 97%.

Lack of Customer Support and Updates

There is one user who post about his experience of using the Crazy ATM software. According to the man, he tried to contact the customer support but did not get any reply. The lack of customer support shows that the site is fake and is not serious about helping the traders to generate profits. If anyone face a problem with the app, they won’t get any help from the customer support department.

Another indication that it is a scam is that the contact page states that last update date occurred on 2009, which is 7 years ago. For your knowledge, the app was launched in the year of 2005. all these are hints that Crazy ATM software is the work of a scammer who simply didn’t care about professionally hiding off these signs that shows it is a scam.

Is Crazy ATM a scam or not?

In conclusion, Crazy ATM is a scam software that can be easily spotted by the careless presentation in the voiceover pop up on the site. Binary options traders are advised to stay away from this scam site. Scam app like the Crazy ATM can do a lot of harm on the traders by causing them to lose money.