Winner Binary Signals

Winner binary signals is a top binary options trading signal software launched by a trader who has more than 10 years in trading. So far, there has not yet been any verified scam concerning this trading signal software. The signals generated by the Winner Binary Signals software will inform you whether you should trade on a short or long position. It offers money management tips that can reduce your trading risks by guiding you on the amount you should invest in per trade. There is no need to download any software to access the trading signal because it is entirely web based.

How Does Winner Binary Signals Work

Winner Binary Signals use various types of trading strategies and indicators to generate the binary signals. For example, the system relies on the MACD indicator to determine whether a call or put should be placed. The Winner Binary Signals software uses a specific strategy to generate the trading signals for range options. It uses a moving average crossover tool to determine the trend reversal points in the market. The system also take into account the major economic events in the market when making the prediction.

How Do the Signals Get Delivered to You?

As soon as you have signed up, the software will start to send the trading signals to you, You will have to login into your account at the Direct Web Access platform to view the signals. You can set the software to send the trading signals to your email address. Mobile traders will be glad that the software can send the trading signal in SMS text messages on their phones. You must make sure you have a phone so that you can take quick action when you receive the trading signal SMS. You are to place the trade according to the instruction in the signal that is sent to you. Delaying will cause you to miss an opportunity to place a profitable trade since it will expire in a short time. You must take this into account as this is the reason why many people did not have any success.

Asset Types

Winner Binary Signals is able to generate signals for all asset types. You can expect to receive signals from the software several times throughout the day. Although it generates signals for types of assets, most of the signals generated in this software is for forex currency pair.

Accuracy Rate

Winner binary signals promises a return rate of 80% if you follow the instructions in the signal. The winning rate is an average of the total number of trades executed via the trading signal software, Therefore, traders who only execute a small number of traders may not get an 80% winning rate. But,  if you continue to trade for some time, you may reach the 80% winning rate. You should start trading at a small sum for each trade in order to slowly achieve the winning rate of 80%. Although the profits you make will be lower in this way, you also minimize your losses at the same time.


The Winner Binary Signals software is cheap compared to other trading signal software and the subscription cost is only $49 per month. You have the option of paying for the subscription via a credit card or Paypal. They have their own list of approved brokers but they also let you sign up with brokers that are not in the list. There is no need to sign up with one of their approved brokers if you already have a trading account with a broker that is not in the list. The list serves as a guide for traders who are new to binary options trading and have no idea which broker is trustworthy. Traders have 60 days to test whether the signal sent by the software really offer the success rate of 80%. If you are not satisfied within 60 days, they will refund the full amount of the subscription fees.


In conclusion, you should give Winner Binary Signals a try because it has an affordable price. Many other trading signals charge about one hundred dollars but it only cost half the price. Although it doesn’t offer a trial, it offers a 100% money back guarantee which you can use as a trial  to test the effectiveness of the signals.