The Stagnation of the Binary Options Market in Japan

The most recent Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ) report claims that there is still not enough growth in the binary options trading market in Japan. The FFAJ report shows that the trading volumes has been dropping every month and more accounts are going into inactive state. When binary options trading was first introduced in Japan, it was very well received and gets a lot of growth.

The financial regulator has taken many actions to protect the Japanese clients. However, it also impose many strict regulations on the broker at the same which may have reduced the popularity of the options among the traders in Japan.

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The chart provided by FFAJ shows that the number of new binary options trading accounts is steady and the figure is about the same as in 2014. This may not necessarily be a positive sign because many active trading accounts are not trading in large volumes.

Although new accounts are constantly opened, the stats shows that these accounts do not have much trading activities. The trading volume in March has decreased by 22% and the number of active account has also dropped significantly compared to in June 2014. In March, FFAJ report claimed that there are 12,786 active accounts including 1950 newly opened accounts.

In April 2016, there was a slight increase of 20% in the number of newly opened accounts but this is nothing since the trading volume remains the same. However, this is an indications that more investors have become interested in trading in the binary options market. Most of the new trading accounts focus on the forex currency pair EUR/USD in April.

There are also much trading activities on the GBP/JPY currency pairs. The increase in the trading activity in GBP/JPY could be due to the upcoming elections that are to take place in May.

The stagnation in the Japanese binary options trading market is due to the unstable economy in the country. It started to enter into the stagnation phase in 2013 but the government of Japan has taken many actions to improve its economy. There is an increasing number of positive signs of the recovery of the binary options market.

This can be seen in the increasing number of active accounts in the statistic report at the end of 2015. it is expected that the number of active accounts will double or triple in the upcoming years. The number of active accounts is currently higher compared to the previous years.  Out of the total trading volume of $370 millions, $170 millions was payout to the customers for in-the-money trades.

There are two financial regulators that regulate the brokers in Japan including FFAJ and Japan Financial services Agency. FFAJ is responsible for regulating every single activity that is taking place in the binary options market. The Japan Financial Services regulates the banks and trading platforms in Japan. The law in Japan makes provisions for the two financial regulators to make sure that the binary options brokerage firms comply with the rules in its legislation.

Short term trades are not allowed in Japan and brokers caught violating this rule will be banned offering trading services in Japan. Many brokers who violated the rule got their IP addresses blocked banned in Japan. The blocking of the IP addresses of many binary options brokers has left many people wondering whether Japan will completely ban binary options trading.

There are eight regulated binary options brokers that do business with Japan traders. Most of the brokers are from offshore countries and they maintain a branch office in Japan. In Japan, the minimum expiry time allowed for the options trading is 2 hours.

Binary options brokerage firms that want to offer over the counter options are required to state the base hour. All brokers are required by the FFAJ to provide a transparent trading environment to ensure the trade ends at the exact expiry period.

Brokers are not allowed to offer bonus to attract investors. The brokerage firm is responsible for checking to make sure that the customer has the necessary knowledge to trade in the market. Traders who do not know about the binary options market well are not allowed to trade.

The broker will test the knowledge of the investor through a questionnaire. Brokers must display the payout the investor will receive so that customer knows how much they will win or lose.

The economic growth in Japan is not the only factor that influence the binary options market. There are also other factors in the market that affect the financial assets in the binary options market. If you want to trade on indices and stocks in binary options market, you must make sure to take into account all the factors to improve your chances of winning.

Having a good understanding on how the trading signals work can increase your profits in binary options.

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IQ Option Bonus Code June 2016

IQoption has a new bonus code for depositors who decide to trade with IQoption in June 2016.

UPDATE: IQ Option does not offer any more bonuses to traders. Also there is a risk of losing your capital when investing in binary options.

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With more than 7 Million active accounts and more than 1 million trader per day, IQ Option is one of the most respected brands in the binary options industry. They are also the official partner of the Aston Marting racing team. Make sure you also check out our IQoption review or sign up directly here.

IQoption has two accounts: demo accounts and real money accounts. Using the demo account is 100% free and you can try out your trading strategies for free. You will get ‘play money’, which means that you don’t be able to make real money with a demo account. When you deposit you will have access to the real money account. This is a real trading account where you trade for money. You will also get bonuses on your first deposit and future deposits. Make sure to take advantage of the first deposit bonus because that is usually the highest bonus you will get from the broker.

UPDATE: Russian traders are currently not accepted on IQoption.



Banc de Binary Settlement of €350,000 to CySEC

CySEC has made the announcement on the 27th January 2016 that the binary options broker, Banc de Binary (BDB) has paid the settlement of €350,000. The €350,000 settlement is the largest sum that CySEC has imposed on the binary options broker.

The announcement that CySEC made only reveal a small amount of details about the violation to the regulator’s rules. If you read the regulations of the CySEC, you will learn that it is a violation even if they could only come up with reasonable ground to be suspicious that it violates its rules.

Also read:

The fine that Banc de Binary pay is for the suspicious of possible violation of the requirement cited in 18(2)(a), (d), (e) and (i) in Part III of the Article 28 (1) in the CySEC regulation. Another violation has to do with the provision in Article 36(1), (a), (b) and (d) of the CySEC law.

The violations has to do with a number of things that Banc de Binary did wrong. Banc de Binary was charged for using marketing materials that are deceptive and convey the wrong idea to the customers. CySEC also charged the broker for failing to carry out its contract obligations with the clients. The information that the broker provide on the assets types listed in the trading platform is insufficient. Besides, there isn’t enough information on the company’s background at its site.

The violation has to do with some of the modifications that CySEC has done on its law recently. The new law requires brokers to explain certain types of options contracts that they list on the trading platforms. A different violation is that the policy of Banc de Binary is missing some important information and that it did not set up the proper procedures to make sure it will meet the requirements in the CySEC law. This is in regarding to the provision in the CySEC law including managers, staff, agents and other entities that are related to the Banc de Binary brokerage business. The violation of the law stated in the 28 (d) article is possibly referring to the performance of the Banc de Binary broker as the trading signal provider.

The main purpose of the investigation that CySEC carried out is to see if Banc de Binary has fail to obey any regulation in the CySEC law. The binary options regulator, CySEC, has the authority to impose a fine on brokers it regulates if it has grounds to believe that it violate any of the provision on its legislation. The settlement amount that Banc de Binary pay is significantly more compared to the actual fine amount that CySEC imposed on other brokers. The reason is that Banc de Binary did not want its reputation to be tarnished if CySEC really finds that it is guilty.

If BDB did nothing wrong against the CySEC law, it would have allowed them to carry out the full investigation. The settlement is to prevent CySEC from proving that it is guilty and cause damage to its reputation. This is a common issue to happen to the top binary options broker in the industry. Banc de Binary is a top broker that pays a lot of attention to what the media says because it care about its reputation. Banc de Binary paid the larger settlement sum because it wants to avoid all the bad consequences that could happen as a result of the possible conviction for example criticism and bad press.

The bad impression that is sent out in the media could cause Banc de Binary to lose a lot of prospective customers. It is not clear whether CySEC is offering settlement as an option for broker who wants to protect their customer base. If this true, it means that CySEC is helping its regulated brokers to present a good image before customers by hiding their faults. It is also not clear whether CySEC will require Banc de Binary to take any action in the near future to make sure they comply with its law.

Last year, Banc de Binary was also fined by CySEC for €20,000 in May 2015 because it violate against two Cypriot clauses. The first clause is a violation against a rule stated in the Article 6 (9) which deals with the 2007 Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law. Banc de Binary broke the rule by providing operational services that its CIF license is not allowed to provide. The second clause that the broker violate is it fails to make clear the business relationship with a different company.

After 3 months, Banc de Binary was fined with €22,000 for breaking the rules in the money laundering and terrorist laws. The settlement paid by Banc de Binary is not considered as an income for CySEC but the money will be received as an income by the Treasury of Republic.

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IQoption Bonus April 2016

IQoption is back this month with a new first depositor bonus of 28%. This bonus is available only to IQOption traders who sign up in April and make a deposit of $100 or more.
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How do I get the depositor bonus?

  1. Sign up here.
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  4. Get 28% deposit bonus.

The minimum deposit on IQ option is only $10 however, the 28% deposit bonus is only available for deposits of at least $100. If you deposit less than $100, then you will get no bonus.

Binary Options Bonus Conditions

Beware of binary options scams – one of the most popular trap is to offer a big bonus to traders. Once you accept such a bonus, your money will be ‘locked’ until you reach the requirement for that bonus. Sometimes these requirements and conditions are so ridiculous that it’s nearly impossible to reach them. Make sure you read the terms before accepting any kind of binary options bonus.

IQoption is one of the most popular binary options brokers and it is also one of the most transparent one. The broker revolutionized the industry again, by introducing yet another unique feature: traders can now decline their bonuses.

Look at the iqoption explanation below:

iqoption bonus aprilThis means that you will be able to withdraw your money even if you’ve accepted a bonus before, but did not reach the requirements.

New IQoption promotions

IQoption is running an exciting torunament this month: April 2016 Wall Street Tournament. The torunament takes place between April 1 – April 30 and the participation and rebuy cost is only $50. There is a $100.000 prize fund up for grabs, so make sure you check it out as soon as possible.


Why UKOptions could be the right broker for you

So what is it exactly that you look at when you’re hunting for a new Binary Options broker to trade with? What will turn the tables in favor of one broker and against another? Where do you draw the line in the sand? In short, what we really want to know is – what kind of a trader are you?

We’re not sure what you answered, but we’re willing to stake our entire portfolio on the fact that if we were to ask 1000 traders what kind of trader they would LIKE to be, one of the first answers (if not THE first) to cross their lips would almost always be – “A successful one”.

And that is hardly shocking – not a single soul has ever made an investment of any kind with the desire and ambition to lose, so if we assume that every single trader on the face of the planet wants to win and be successful the differences between all of them become quite clear, and there are only two of them – A traders mind and his broker/platform.

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We can’t help you with the former issue – that is entirely up to you: you’ll need to bring your knowledge, determination and savvy to the forefront but you can do that.

What UKOptions can do (and does for a multitude of customers) is be the best broker a trader can hope to have – to be helpful in your quest of a better financial future instead of a hamper.

And we do that in a multitude of ways:

The People – This is where it all really starts for UKOptions, without the best human material around we would not be able to provide the same quality services that we do.

We’ve got analysts with years of experience and multiple financial degrees scanning markets, a team of top technical personal that help build and maintain systems that use the top technologies possible and help provide a trading platform you can rely on, a veteran team of brokers that help provide you with the most relevant information at the best time, a support staff that is tireless and dedicated working around the clock to insure that no issue goes unnoticed or handled and supervising the entire operation is a management team with over 100 years of combined financial experience – they are all here insuring you’ll always have a human voice on the other end of the line.

But even the best employees alive would not be worth much if they were unable to back up their talk with a top of the line trading platform, one that is fully customizable to suit every individual trader’s choices and abilities.

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From clear, simplistic and quick visuals that let you execute a trade within seconds to multiple trade types that let you exceed even what you dreamt was possible in terms of profits – you can pull off a simple forex trade in 5 seconds and profit 60 seconds later, or take your time with a few long term commodity positions.

If you’re confident an asset’s current trend will continue, why not pull off a ladder trade for extreme profits?

And, if you happen to be here just to test your sea legs and make sure you’ve done your homework well enough, you could always opt for our social trading tool which lets others do all the heavy lifting for you, while you kick back and wait for the winning trades to come through.

If this is your first week, or if you’ve been here for years, you may want to take a peek at our trading academy, which unlike some other sites is suited for both beginners and advanced traders.

The beginner section will help you make sense of some confusing terminology and learn quite a few things about basic market operations, trade types and just how the binary options market works, while the advanced section expands upon those ideas in scope and depth – it will provide in depth explanations about analysis, trends and trader behavior, all of which could help you improve your own skills in a hurry.

But that is not where we draw the line, not by far – Because we understand different people have different needs while taking in new materials, we have online webinars on a variety of topics, with all of them being expertly taught by one of our brilliant brokers, this is the place where you can ask questions that help you gain a better understanding of subjects explained on the website.

But even with all the people and all the information in the world, UKOptions would not be doing its job properly if we didn’t offer you the one thing you came here to do – Money.

In addition to multiple trade types that allow you to take whichever path you choose towards your financial aspiration, there are also a number of account types you can choose from, with one that’s just right for you, no matter how great or small you want your initial investment to be.

You can start out with as little as a $1000 in your account, test out the waters for a little while and see how everything feels, or, if you’re already a shark, well versed in the market and looking for a new broker to handle your massive trades, you could jump straight into our VIP account.

Every account type comes with welcome bonuses, some 1 on 1 training with one of our experienced brokers, our superb daily signal service and many other things for you to take advantage of.

However, if you’re anything like us – you may want to know that your money is in good hands, and with UKOptions you can rest assured it is – We are fully regulated and supervised offering just that little bit extra assurance that you will be properly taken care of, no matter the circumstances.

So don’t waste another second letting your money go to waste or sitting idly by gathering dust, put it to good use with UKOptions.

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24 Winner Closed

24Winner was a new binary options broker what we first added in February 2015 to our website.

The company is also active in the poker and casino markets under the names of winner casino and winner poker – these brands have a good reputation. However it looks like their binary option broker didn’t last long as the broker seems to be out of business.

The broker was know as Winner Options in the past and was owed by Safecap LTD. The broker was regulated and licensed by Cysec and was powered by the KeyStone platform.

If you visit their website you will see following message:
24options out of business

“Please rest assured that all accounts remain secure, and that funds can be withdrawn by contacting 24Winner customer support via phone at +35722222052 or via emal ad support@24winner.com”

According to the homepage all traders will get their money back. If you are one of these traders or if you have anything to say about this situation let u know in the comments below.

Optiontime Binary Options Broker Closed

We have just been announced that optiontime, one of the brokers of markets.com is closing on November 19th, 2015. The brand, markets.com, no longer wishes to continue operating this binary options broker, as they are focusing on their flagship broker Top Option and the Forex/CFD Markets.com.

It’s unfortunate that this broker closes, because there weren’t any complaints or negative reviews.

Which broker should I choose now?

If you are looking for a trusted binary options broker you can take a look at the top 5 broker on our homepage, the top 10 brokers here, or if you are from the US then check out the best us binary options brokers.

How to pick a binary options broker?

There were better brokers than OptionTime. When choosing a broker, you should always read some reviews, because chances are that the broker is a scam. Another thing to look for is the regulation, however regulated brokers can be scams as well, but there is a lower chance.

Why was OptionTime closed?

We don’t know the reason exactly all we know is that the company is focusing on the more known brands. This probably means that OptionTime was not profitable enough to keep running.

Binary Options Sponsorships

Looks like more and more brokers decide to invest even more money into marketing and they seem to try out all possible marketing channels. Sponsoring European football teams seems to be a very popular choice for the brokers at the moment and this also shows the huge growths of the binary options industry in general and how much money there really is.

There was a huge wave of partnership deals in 2015 and here is a list with all the current sponshorships of binary options brokers.
source: forexmagnates

These kind of high profile deals cost a lot of money, however the binary brokers hope for long term benefits here. Sponsoring a known team is good for the company’s image, and there is always a possibility to get new clients, especially sports bettors, who are familiar with depositing/withdrawing money online. There are more and more sports betting fans looking for extra sources to make money and binary options brokers try to take advantage of this, by making their names more known in this community.

source: forexmagnates

One of the most amazing sponsorship deals was the Banc De Binary – Liverpool sponsorship (one year partnership deal). It’s not clear yet how big this deal is, but experts think it’s around $2.3 Million. Part of the deal is marketing support and player appearances in the banc de binary events. We are excited to see how this positively affects the brand.

Liverpool’s commercial chief Bill Hogan said:

“Our partnerships are about quality relationships and as a club we feel a great affinity with the drive and ambition reflected by Banc De Binary. We very much look forward to working together.”

What do you think? Will this partnership deal be profitable for Banc De Binary? Let us know in the comments.

Wash Over of Recalcitrant Boards by the Rise in Financial Regulation

Despite the regulators clamping down, there is not enough ‘board level’ activity being done by almost half of the biggest finance corporations in the world for addressing bonuses and risk management. Research shows that although there was a rise in newer regulations across the globe during the financial crisis for focusing on enhancing culture in organizations, only 60% of boards openly discuss their risk management.

According to the Deloitte biennial risk survey, a mere half of the respondents thought the culture as the responsibility of their risk management team. The head of Deloittle’s global risk group, Edward Hida, indicates that ethics and risk culture are much more than simple ‘buzzwords’; they are very real. Over 71 financial corporations were surveyed.

When it comes to assessing soundness and safety, US regulators are passed looking at only the liquidity levels and capital of banks and now use ‘qualitative’ assessments of the bank’s risk management in a yearly stress test. This practice has gained the attention of UK supervisors who plan to follow. Since the criminal offence that was introduced to the UK of recklessly mismanaging a bank, the UK has some extremely tough laws and guidelines on remuneration on the globe in an attempt to keep management up to its highest degree.

Another increasing concern for the bigger corporations of the world is tougher regulation which includes the fallout from subsequent litigation and global probes.

According to a different survey conducted by Norton Rose Fulbright, regulatory litigation and investigations were among the top concerns and third-largest dispute for general counsel and their company.

The head of investigations, Chris Warren-Smith, for Europe, Asia and Middle East at the law firm, states that even though the investigations of the foreign-exchange market and manipulation of Libor are wrapping up, there is still a concern to financial corporations regarding the continued regulatory probes within various benchmarks which include precious metals and commodity trading reviews. He also says the UK has an increased interest in sanctions compliance.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority and US Department of Justice along with other authorities are additionally exploring the wrongdoing in the past to determine if any repeat issues would warrant increased penalties.

The Financial Times reported the 2012 non-prosecution agreement between UBS and DoJ over Libor is at risk of being annulled as part of forex manipulation deal negotiations. Mr. Warren-Smith states that similar to the UBS issue, you will start to see lots of pressure on the NPAs and DPAs. He goes on to say the DoJ says they will tear the agreements up if needed. Over 803 corporate company counsels’ responses were surveyed around the world. Many of them had revenue that exceeded $1bn. Half the respondents stated their company had employed outside counsel just recently for helping in a regulatory probe.

Company size does matter when it comes to regulatory proceedings, the survey found. Over half of the big corporations report they one or more proceedings pending already against them as opposed to 16% of smaller companies. When it came right down to it, half of the corporations with $1bn revenue or more stated they had a regulatory case or two against them.

Robots Taking Over Corporate Finance Jobs

Inside the financial industry, many IT professionals could end up struggling to find work as robots begin to take over accountant and bookkeeping jobs in large businesses. This results in technology takeover of corporate financial departments.

There is an increase in computer program use by businesses to cut staffing costs and save time. In fact, the average number of full-time staff in financial departments since 2004 has decreased by 40% according to the Hackett group, consulting firm. That’s around 71 staff members for each billion of earnings from 119.

Telecom giant Verizon’s CFO, Fran Shammo, made a quote in the Wall Street Journal that said a huge factor in the cost savings of companies is automation. By closing almost 100 back office areas and cutting jobs across the United States, Verizon was able to reduce their financial department costs over the last 3 years by 21%. This allowed them to renovate a finance department hub that already exists in Oklahoma and build a new one in Florida.

Verizon has benefited a great deal by using software enabling them to reach $127.1 billion in 2014 in revenue since it allowed them to cut over 3500 manual Excel entry staff members. By the end of this year, Verizon intends on cutting 1400 more manual workers which will help them reach a 35% overall reduction.

Also quoted in the Wall Street Journal was Deloitte Consulting LLP’s principal, Michael Armstrong, stating that companies have been ardent about cost cuts especially following the financial crisis. Specifically, bigger corporations hire 20% less human resource workers and 44% less full-time IT staff workers when compared to a decade ago. In addition to this, many companies now handle financial tasks using robots versus hiring manual workers and outsourcing to other companies.

The Oracle’s Hyperion software is now being utilized by the information services company known as Wolters Kluwer NV for helping with account closures each quarter end. This shaves off half the time as it did with doing it manually. Instead of utilizing workers to gather information, the company now hires analysts for helping with financial data sorting for calculating revenue, profit and cash flow. This allows the company to forecast its financial future.

Wolters Kluwer’s CFO, Kevin Entricken, states companies are not competing for data analysts which is resulting in the scarcity of these workers and increased costs. He goes on to say it is more difficult to find people and the each worker’s salary in the finance department has gone up despite the fact the head count remains stable.

Mihir Shukla, who is CEO of Automation Anywhere Inc.’s robotic process automation technology, states that jobs are reduced by automation in the short term. But, in the long run, companies are able to operate more efficiently due to this software. He goes on to say that thinking like a human limits you, but more possibilities arise when you think like a robot.