US Dollar Is Currently On A 60 Month High

The Binary options market reacts to us job report and US Congress changes!

The USD is on a 60 month high, compared to the EUR and this is partly due to the job report that was released in the US recently.

Even though voter complained about the situation getting worse and worse, it acually got better, according to the recent job reports. In october ~220.000 jobs were added, and the number of people finding jobs, dropped from 7.2 to 5.8 in a year.

According to a survey, by the US Labor Department, 685,000 people found a job in October. You can see for yourself the changes of the USD in the period November 1 – 7, 2014:

November 1

USD US Dollar 1.0000000000 1.0000000000
EUR Euro 0.7984050000 1.2524971662
GBP British Pound 0.6257234928 1.5981500000
INR Indian Rupee 61.4817948215 0.0162649773
AUD Australian Dollar 1.1364927833 0.8799000000
CAD Canadian Dollar 1.1266500000 0.8875870945
SGD Singapore Dollar 1.2855000000 0.7779074290
CHF Swiss Franc 0.9626850000 1.0387613809

November 7

USD US Dollar 1.0000000000 1.0000000000
EUR Euro 0.8049808421 1.2422655891
GBP British Pound 0.6311896994 1.5843097583
INR Indian Rupee 61.3987076044 0.0162869878
AUD Australian Dollar 1.1599865432 0.8620789662
CAD Canadian Dollar 1.1359472563 0.8803225629

US dollar also hit a 7 year high against other currencies like the Japanese yen, after the changes in the US Congress, where the Republicans took over both chambers. This is actually the first time this happened, since 2006.

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Page Updated: November 8, 2014